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产品名称: Power jump starter(Blue)

Power jump starter(Blue)

Listing Date: 2015-10-23

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Lead-acid batteries are used as starting battery to start car at present. The service life of lead-acid battery is only 2-4 years that is far less than the life of car. Therefore, the starting battery is replaced every 2-4 years. The car is hard to be started near the replacement of car battery.Even the car battery is in the life cycle, the case that car cannot be started may occur. It is because that the driver forgets to turn off the electrical appliances of the car after car stalling. As a result, the car battery is exhausted. In addition, the operating temperature of lead-acid batteries ranges from-20oC and 50oC. Therefore, car maynot be started if the weather is cold or hot. To solve the above problems, TSRER has developed Power jump starter. Itis without charging, no fire, no explosion, wide temperature starting, maintenance-free, portable and other advantages, which become user’s faithful companion.

Item Name

Car jump starter

Model No.


Maximum Starting Voltage


Rated Starting Voltage


Maximum Starting Current


Operating/Storage Temperature

-40℃~ +60℃

Dimensions (L*W*H)




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